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Nando and Chelsea break D-Spirits and Sports Cards. Alerts for our breaks are by text message or through E-Mail. For Alerts on when we will have our next breaks, leave us your contact information!


All Star Alerts
Exclusive Break Opportunities

Payments and Support

Alerts are free. All breaks will be paid for through the website. Breaks will be posted on the website. Some breaks may fill before we are able to post online.

Rip and Ship

Rip the newest product at great prices. Receive alerts specific to your interests.

Exclusive 🎁

Giveaways will be available exclusively to those signed up for All Star Alerts.


Break Alerts

Breaks fill by text message and e-mail. Every live and replay is available. Join to make sure you have exclusive deals and are the first to know!

Get Updates

Get the latest Breaks, Exclusive Deals & Updates. Choose which alerts you would like.

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